If it is safety or maintenance you are looking for we are 100% committed to make sure that is what you get! We install custom made pool nets and covers to fit any shape and size pool.

Sunnypool Nets & Covers is a privately owned hands on business that provides peace of mind regarding pool safety.

Our aim is to provide excellent customer service and good quality custom made products to meet your individual needs. All installations are done by the owner and his qualified team.

We have a wide range of products to meet your needs:

  • Pool Safety Nets (10 cm & 8 cm netting)
  • PVC Hook on Covers
  • PVC Pole Covers
  • Pool Leaf Catchers
  • Solar Bubble Blankets
  • Pond Nets ( 4cm netting)

Benefits of covering your pool

  • Child and pet Safety (Pool Safety Net & PVC hook on Cover & PVC Pole Cover)
  • Chemical usage decrease (PVC Hook on & PVC POLE Cover & Solar Bubble Blanket)
  • No more algae growth (PVC Hook on & PVC Pole Cover & Solar Bubble Blanket)
  • Increase temperature of water (PVC Hook on & PVC Pole & Solar Bubble Blanket)
  • Reduce water evaporation (PVC Hook on & PVC Pole Cover & Solar Bubble Blanket)
  • Keep pool clean from leaves & Dust (PVC Hook on & PVC Pole Cover & Solar Bubble Blanket)

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